How to be the 5% who succeed.

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The odds are stacked against you, 95% of small business fail within 5 years but the good news is that you can swing those odds in your favour to increase your chances of success.

Mastery of Small Business is about swinging those odds to you.  I’m going to help guide you in making the decisions that lead to selling more of the right product at a better profit to your customers and how to avoid selling the wrong product.   If we make mistakes we want to make sure they’re not fatal.

This blog is devoted to the methods and techniques startups employ to make sure they have the right product for the market and create a profitable entity.  I’ll investigate these techniques and help adapt them to methods you can implement in your business immediately to better effect.  I’ll also look at interviews and profiles of small business that already employ these methods to great success and answer some of those bugging questions you may have about how you can implement these methods to your business.

Together we can create domination of your niche market.

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