Why Master Small Business?

Small Business is tough business so it’s imperative that we ensure we are working as efficiently as possible to optimise our businesses.

With Mastery for Small business, I wish to help business owners give customers what they need and in turn generate more profits.  I frequently see how small business can use these simple principles to improve their businesses and in the process prosper by being better at what they do.

The Mastery for Small Business journey will be full of useful hints and tips for business owners.  I’ll be going over the methods and techniques used by startups to grow and adapting them to the small business environment.  You’ll have real steps you can employ to save you time, make you more efficient and in the process, generate more income.

Lets not kid ourselves, business is tough and small business takes huge risks often with small rewards consequently I want to change this and help you earn the rewards you deserve.  Let me help you prevent the mistakes that result in 95% of small businesses going out of business within 5 years.

Nathan lives and breathes startups and is a fellow of Startup Leadership Program, an international based training and network of startup leaders with 1000s of Fellows around the globe.  He also is the Program Leader for Melbourne, teaching up and coming Entrepreneurs how to succeed in the startup ecosystem and create world leading companies.